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The Issues I'm passionate about 


As a current council member, I am committed to achieving the strategic priorities of St. Louis Park. These priorities include affordable housing, racial equity, social connectivity, transit and mobility, and climate action. These priorities serve as the foundation of our decision-making processes, and I remain resolute in my efforts to accomplish these goals.

Public Safety

As a policymaker, I believe in the importance of public safety in our community. We must invest in our law enforcement to ensure that they are adequately equipped and trained to serve our community's needs. This includes promoting our community policing initiatives that promote collaboration and trust-building between law enforcement and our residents.



As a policymaker, I recognize that prosperity is a critical component of a thriving community. We must prioritize policies that enable our residents to build wealth and create economic opportunities. One of our primary goals is to promote home ownership and small business ownership. We will work to remove barriers to affordable housing and small business development. This includes funding for programs that support first-time homebuyers and small business entrepreneurs.

Pictured: Nadia with her brother, Abdalla Mohamed

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